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My dream: Social media used for e-Learning

I Dream about using social media websites like Facebook, twitter or another for e-learning with big success experiences… how can we teach on social medias without all the contents interferences of a social media website? Or how can we use it on our favor?
How can we speak the students language in them virtual and social places without be only a boring professor?


Your situation (context)

Everyday we use Social medias to chat, be informed, be in contact with the world. The same happens with the young students with more frequency and as a new place for social relations. The Social networks brings a lot of new experiences and collaborative works. Example

The change you would like to see (challenge)

We can observe that its is a new road without comeback and if we could enter and navigate by it without any problems, we would have success. Example 

How you might go about bringing that change

I think that could be created a new social network based on existents but with more control about interactions and contents, it may help students on focus all the interactions at them education and could creat a learning collaborative based interaction. Examples 
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